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researches it by reflecting on each

researches it by reflecting on each

In this assignment, the student selects a product and researches it by reflecting on each of the selling cycles stages. The purpose of this report is to help the student prepare for selling the product to potential buyers. The report will have 3 broad sections. The first section will introduce the product (an image or a weblink may be useful), states why it was selected and introduce the selected sales cycle chosen for the exercise. In the main section the student will report on each step of the sales cycle (Johnston’s or Futtrell). In the last section, the conclusion, the student will comment on the benefit of the exercise and what may need further work to prepare for possible challenges that may be faced at the presentation day (i.e. assignment 2).

The report will have a reference section (Harvard style) and, if needed, an appendix (e.g. for extra details). Although the maximum number of words is 2000 words, the purpose is quality not quantity. Hence the report may address all requirement without reaching this maximum number of words.

Your arguments should be supported by concepts/models from the course and illustrating them with examples. Critical evaluations (e.g. pros and cons analyses, ethical aspects etc.) attract higher points.

Further Directions

  • The report should be concise with minimum repetitions. It should be clearly organized (intro, main part and conclusion).
  • References to theory should be included, with definition of concepts, and fully Harvard referenced in the list of references.
  • All non-key, but helpful information (e.g. details of models or research findings) should be put in an appendix section with numbers and titles and referred to in the text
  • List of references and contents of appendices are not included in the word count.
  • State the number of words for the report in the first page.

The marking criteria for this assignment are:

–          Clear demonstration of use of selling concepts/theory.

–          Good explanation of concepts/model used.

–          Effective illustration of arguments with examples.

–          Demonstration of reflection and critical analysis

–          Coherent and logical structure and good use of language

–          Appropriate Harvard referencing


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