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Individual Case Study Analysis

Assignment 1: Individual Case Study Analysis Due Sunday by 23:59 Points 30 Submitting a file upload Available Nov 21 at 9:00 – Feb 8, 2023 at 23:59 Assignment Overview Assessment 1: Individual Case Study Analysis Start Assignment Students will be required to examine and analyse the prescribed case study on Canvas and answer the questions

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Length and Format

Length and Format: Assessment Details: 1800 words +/- 10% (excluding Reference list) • Please read the case study which is in the Canvas site in the assignment section and then carefully address the questions at the end of the brief. • Each question should be copied and pasted and then the corresponding answer should be

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Advice on Submission

Advice on Submission Assessment addresses SLOs Please complete a first draft of your assignment at least 24 hours prior to the due date and upload your completed activity electronically by clicking onto the Academic Integrity Activity Upload tab in the Assignments section of Canvas. You will receive a report from the Turnitin site on the

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Safe food handling practice

b) Cooking Complete the following tables to identifY of baand exsi c ppasta dishes. lain one food safety issue and one safe food handlinc practice that are relevant to the cooking Basic pasta cooking Issues Food safety issue: Explanation Safe food handling practice:

Nutritional awareness

Task 2 — Nutritional awareness (E.N 5) Identify and describe one factor that may affect the nutritional value of basic pasta dishes during preparation. cooking or storage. Task 3 — Yields (2.4) Identify and explain at least one factor that may affect the yield of the basic pasta dishes you are cooking and presenting according

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Task 1 — Food Safety

Outcome 1: Prepare to cook basic pasta dishes in a commercial kitchen. Outcome 2: Cook and present basic pasta dishes in a commercial kitchen. Task 1 — Food Safety (1.3) Each stage of food movement and production has hazards that could cause contamination of food. Your workplace will have procedures to keep food safe. Refer

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make reasonable research-based assumptions

case study interview, CM!, module-related models, and content. 5. In your responses, you are allowed to make reasonable research-based assumptions to the case study details provided. However, the case study should not be changed or compromised in any way. If your analysis is not based on the case study interview you will lose significant marks.

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communication strategies of the organization

You are required ° choose ONE only. :rr:Pc=atiraufr:riOrh;:faInhselYleirisde:shikpi model/5 and communication strategies of the organization and Rs impact on employee and organizational culture and performance (10 Marks) c) THREE recommendations with justification. for enabling and Improving the organ za o performance. (10 Marks) (1.500 words, 30% of marks) Task 2A- Prepare a briefing note in

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an Individual assignment

Remember to do the following. Submission Notes: • Use the two links on Aula for your submission, as advised below. Link 1 – For Task 1, task 2A briefing note 8 task 3 (all in a single Ms word document File) Link 2 – -For task 2 (Power point converted into a PDF file ONLY)

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working as an apprentice engineer

You are working as an apprentice engineer at a company involved in the research, design production, and maintenance of bespoke engineering solutions for larger customers. Part of your apprenticeship is to spend time working in all departments, however, a certain level of understanding needs to be shown before the managing director allows apprentices into the

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