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Assessment 1- Written Assessment (25%) Due end of Week 4 is due

Assessment 1- Written Assessment (25%) Due end of Week 4 is due

Assessment 1- Written Assessment (25%) Due end of Week 4 is due


Sunday, 16 October, 11:55 PM

Course event

Assessment 1: Written Assessment- Evidence of comprehension and applying information to scenarios (25%)

Due date: Sunday at the end of week 4 at 11:59pm AEST

Word Count: 1200 -1400 words


Students are required to read two ethical dilemma scenarios and respond to both, answering the following questions:

1. Provide one example of how the counsellor’s personal beliefs could impact the ethical nature of the counselling relationship in each scenario

2. State the ethical principle(s) relevant to the scenario- refer to one of the two codes listed below to guide you

2. Describe any relevant reporting issues providing reasons for your answers

3. Discuss a possible course of action for the counsellor to take to resolve the dilemma in each scenario. In the first scenario write in the first person, as this is imagining you are counsellor, in the second scenario write in the third person as the counsellor is Andrea.


You should be guided by the lectures and prescribed unit readings. However, it is expected that you will conduct your own research to support your assertions and conclusions. It is expected that you will use either the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) or Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics to inform your final decisions. Careful consideration of relevant State and/or Federal legislation should also be included.


Use APA 7 referencing. Your assessment should include at least 5 peer reviewed, academic journal articles read, dating from 2010 onwards, in addition to any textbook references.

You must present your essay using either Arial or Times New Roman or Calibri font size 12 and make sure the essay is double spaced and attach a BCS cover sheet to the front, correctly competed including accurate word count.


Do NOT utilise sources such as www.tutor2u.com and other such web materials as these in no way constitute academic references for the purpose of your assignments. If you rely on such sources for theoretical support you will be deemed NOT to have met the requirements of the assessment.

Scenarios to be provided during the trimester.

Criteria for Written Assessment

Weight 100%

Areas to be covered






Academic writing


§ Statement of purpose of essay made explicit and questions followed

§ Effective use of academic peer reviewed sources including one of the two prescribed ethical codes

§ All sources of information (in text citations and separate reference list) are acknowledged and presented correctly in APA 7 style

§ Word count is within the  prescribedrange

§ Essay is written  using 12pt font Times New Roman or Arial or Calibri and double spacing







Analysis of literature on topic


§ Informative, well supported, logical, and compelling research and analysis

§  Evidence of analysis of the scenarios in relation to one of the  prescribed ethical codes

§ A range of relevant peer reviewed, academic articles (5 or more) have been selected from current (2010 onwards)  reliable sources







Conclusions derived from research


§ Demonstrated sound understandings of ethical standards as set by PACFA/ACA, related legislation and issues relating to topic

§ Persuasive, logical, and compelling research and analysis








§ Paragraph and sentence structure  demonstrate ability to respond accurately, clearly and concisely

§ Responses easy to read and flows well

§ Case 1 is answered in first person, case 2 is answered in third person

§ Recommendations seem plausible and are well supported

§ Cover sheet is attached and correctly completed







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