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Assessment 1 Worksheet

Assessment 1 Worksheet

HOS302A Assessment 1 Worksheet:

The Service Experience Learning Excursion

Student name: Student Number:

Experience Number (out of 3): Category of Experience:

Copy this template for each of the 3 experiences.

Each row below is to be expanded with content under Description & Analysis.

Display your findings clearly: use bullet points & concise wording to optimise the depth of your word count (approx.400 words per worksheet – existing column text on the left does not count towards the word count.)

Evidence of actual personal participation must be included:

Group selfies photos at each experience.

Place these photos within the 800 word blog text which goes under the third worksheet.


800 word blog & group selfies photos (with date shown in the photo, to prove the visits happened during term) to be placed at the end of the 3 worksheets


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