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Archive November 30, 2022


HUMAN MENTAL ABILITIES Lecture 1 A/Prof Irina Harris [email protected] PSYC1002 Reading – Intelligence, Chapter 11 (pp. 425-459) in: Gleitmen, H., Gross, J., & Reisberg, D. (2011). Psychology (8th Edition). New York: W. W. Norton & Company. – Available from your PSYC1002 unit of study readings in Canvas. Mental abilities: the capacity to perform the higher

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ntelligence testing

HUMAN MENTAL ABILITIES Lecture 2 A/Prof Irina Harris [email protected] PSYC1002 A short history of intelligence testing – Alfred Binet – H.H Goddard – Lewis Terman Measuring IQ – Mental age – Ratio IQ – Deviation IQ Explain how Binet’s scale worked and describe his goals and stipulations Describe the contributions of H.H Goddard and L.

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Test Evaluation

HUMAN MENTAL ABILITIES Lecture 4 A/Prof Irina Harris [email protected] PSYC1002 Theory development – Single factor vs primary mental abilities – Gf-Gc Theory Test Evaluation – Classical Test Theory – Reliability – Validity Describe the difference between fluid and crystallized intelligence Describe evidence that these are different types of intelligence Describe how to separate true score

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Heritability of intellectual abilities

HUMAN MENTAL ABILITIES Lecture 5 A/Prof Irina Harris [email protected] PSYC1002 Heritability of intellectual abilities – Francis Galton Paradigms – Family resemblance studies – Adoption studies – Twin studies The Heritability (H) Index Describe the evidence that IQ is substantially heritable. Explain why researchers may use monozygotic (identical) twins to determine the heritability of mental abilities.

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HUMAN MENTAL ABILITIES Lecture 6 A/Prof Irina Harris [email protected] PSYC1002 Group Differences in IQ • Gender Differences • Race Differences • Reasons for these differences? The Flynn Effect • Changes in IQ over time Describe group differences in IQ Outline the propositions put forward in The Bell Curve and evaluate these premises Describe stereotype threat

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Introduction to Mental Health

PSYC1002: Mental Health Conditions Lesson 1 Introduction to Mental Health Conditions and Professionals Dr Rebekah Laidsaar-Powell Week 1 1. Introduction to Mental Health Conditions and Professionals 2. Theoretical Models of Mental Illness & Classification/Diagnosis 3. Anxiety and related disorders I Workshop 1: Review of lessons 1-3 Week 2 4. Anxiety and related disorders II 5.

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Models of Mental Illness

PSYC1002: Mental Health Conditions Lesson 2 Models of Mental Illness Classification & Diagnosis Dr Rebekah Laidsaar-Powell Today’s Lesson Biological/Medical Model Psychological Models Psychoanalytic Humanistic Behavioural Cognitive-Behavioural Classification and Diagnosis The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) Biological / Medical Models Biological / Medical Model • History: see the textbook chapter • Dominant model

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Introduction to Anxiety Disorders

PSYC1002: Mental Health Conditions Lesson 3 Introduction to Anxiety Disorders Dr Rebekah Laidsaar-Powell Today’s Lesson • What is anxiety? • Normal anxiety / Abnormal anxiety • Introduction to Anxiety & Related Disorders Panic Attack Panic Disorder Remember Diagnosis Free Zone – We will start looking at DSM-5 criteria, applying it, noticing patterns BUT actual diagnosis

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Anxiety Disorders

PSYC1002: Mental Health Conditions Lesson 4 Anxiety Disorders II Dr Rebekah Laidsaar-Powell Today’s Lesson • Specific Phobia • Generalised Anxiety Disorder • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Treatment of anxiety disorders Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Acute Stress Disorder Adjustment Disorders Reactive Attachment Disorder Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Hoarding Disorder Trichotillomania (Hair-Pulling Disorder) Excoriation

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